How the Jira Slack integration works

Two-way Slack integration for Jira

The Jira integration for Halp syncs tickets created in Slack with Jira Software or Jira Service Desk projects. Comments, fields and other properties are synced in real-time from both directions, so tickets can be acted on from within Slack or Jira.

The integration supports Jira Cloud. If you are interested in a Jira Server 2-way sync with Slack, please contact us at

What to Expect

When Halp is connected to Jira every ticket created in Slack will create an issue in Jira. The tickets in Slack will link directly to the issue in Jira.

To create a Jira issue from Slack use /support or /halp, or react to an existing message in Slack with the 🎫 :ticket: emoji. Learn more about creating tickets from Slack here:

To comment on a Jira issue, comment on the thread in Slack or comment from the Jira UI. Halp will keep both directions in sync, you can comment from either place.

Mapping custom fields

Halp can be customized with forms and fields to collect information when users open tickets in Slack. These fields can be mapped to fields in Jira as well. Go to your integration settings from the Halp web interface ( to configure your installation.

Syncing assignee and reporter

Halp will attempt to find a Jira user (or create a Jira Service Desk customer) when opening an issue on behalf of a user. If we are unable to, the reporter will be the Halp app. You can fix this in the future by making sure your user's email address matches their Jira email address.

The assignee works in a similar way. Halp will sync the assignee If we are able to find email address in Jira or Slack, and we'll notify you in the ticket thread if we are not able to find the user.

Creating Halp tickets for issues created in Jira

Halp currently will not sync issues that are created from Jira. We recommend changing your processes so that all tickets start from Slack (or from email and connect your helpdesk email address to your Halp account).

Connect Halp to multiple Jira Projects

To connect Halp to multiple Jira Projects, follow the instructions here


Ready to install? Follow the installation instructions to get started!

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