How to create a ticket with an Emoji Reaction in Slack

One of the most powerful features of Halp is to convert any existing Slack message into a ticket by reacting to it with an emoji. 

Here's how: Simply react to any message in a public channel with a :ticket: emoji. If you don't know how to use Slack reactions, check out this article:

If you would like to use an emoji other than :ticket: you can contact our support team and we will change it for you.

How to make tickets live in the channel:

By default, tickets that are made with emojis and slash commands will go to a Direct Message between the requester and the Halp bot. Sometimes, it's useful to have ticket threads live in a public channel. If you invite the Halp bot into a channel, tickets will live as a thread reply to the original message as seen in the gif below.

Private Channels

We've made a conscious decision to minimize our permissions. As a result, you can't use the Emoji Reactions to create tickets in private channels. Instead you have to use the Slack Action as seen in the picture below.

NOTE: To use the Halp Slack Action you may need to click on "More message actions..." and Search for "Halp." After using it more frequently, Slack will place the action as a default.

Great, now you're ready to create tickets in the easiest way possible. Happy Halping!

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