How to remove an agent

Halp bases your agent count on the members of your triage channels. You can see a full list of your agents and edit their permission levels from your halp web UI by going to Settings > Agents. Here you can also see which triage channels the user is a member of.

In order to remove an existing agent, simply remove the user from each triage channel they are a member of by typing /remove @[user] in the main text input of the channel. Using the channel details side panel to remove the user may result in them not properly being removed, so be sure to use the slash command.

If the user you are trying to remove is a Halp Admin, you will first need to change their permission level to 'Agent' from the Settings > Agents page, then remove them from the channel

After the agent has been removed from the triage channel, reload the Settings > Agents page to confirm they are no longer listed as an agent.

What to see how to add a new agent? Check out the steps here: How to invite new agents.

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