Mapping custom fields from Halp to Jira

When users create tickets in Slack using Halp, they can be presented with custom forms and fields to help categorize requests and provide extra information. For example, you could have a "New Employee Onboarding" form with a start date, department, and special equipment fields. To learn how to create fields and forms in Halp, check out this article: Configuring Forms and Custom Fields.

With Halp's Jira integration you can map fields from Halp to fields in Jira. Most Jira issue types come with a "Description" field, so let's connect that to a new field in Halp we created, also called "Description". Head over to your Halp settings at (via the gear in the top right of the screen, if you're an admin). Under the integrations navigation link you'll see your Jira integration.

Click "Configure".

From the left side, choose the Halp field you wish to sync. On the right, choose the Jira field. We only show options that are available for the specific request type.

That's it! You'll see the Halp data synced over to the Jira issue the next time you create or edit a ticket in Halp that uses that field.

If you're looking for how to create a custom field in Jira, here's a good place to start:

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