Change Your Team's Create Ticket Emoji

At Halp we're pretty boring and use the 🎫 emoji to create tickets, but we now offer a way to customize whichever emoji you'd like to create a ticket. Think of the possibilities, you could use the 🥌 or the 🍉 or the 🚁 or even any custom emoji you upload to Slack. It's as simple as creating a new recipe:

If you'd like to use the Halp life ring you can download a Slack compatible file HERE!

**Pro tip: While you're in the recipe builder take a look at a few other emoji based recipe options:

  • 🧯could set the status of a ticket to urgent
  • 💬 could add an automated message to the ticket 
  • 🤓 could assign the ticket to Jim in DevOps

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Reacji-as-a-service



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