Change Your Team's Create Ticket Emoji

This feature is currently only available on the Slack product. We are working to add these functionalities to the MS Teams product.

At Halp we're pretty boring and use the 🎫 emoji to create tickets, but we also offer a way to customize whichever emoji you'd like to create a ticket. Think of the possibilities, you could use the 🥌 or the 🍉 or the 🚁 or even any custom emoji you upload to Slack. It's as simple as creating a new recipe:

If you'd like to use the Halp life ring you can download a Slack compatible file HERE!

**Pro tip: While you're in the recipe builder take a look at a few other emoji based recipe options:

  • 🧯could set the status of a ticket to urgent
  • 💬 could add an automated message to the ticket 
  • 🤓 could assign the ticket to Jim in DevOps

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Reacji-as-a-service



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