Allowing Halp for your Organization

Updated 5 months ago by Grant Apodaca


If after installing Halp, no welcome messages are sent to Teams channels, nor instructional messages are sent to an admin's direct message, your organization might need to enable Halp! Even though Halp may have been granted consent by an organization's administrator, that Microsoft Teams Organization may still have blocked Halp.


To check if your organization has blocked Halp, and to fix the problem, an organization's administrator needs to follow these steps:

  1. Go to (You'll need administrator privileges).
  2. Search for "Halp" in the right hand search bar.
    example search window for teams admin portal
  3. Select the Halp app.
  4. In the app manage page, if the status is toggled to disabled, toggle it to allowed. If it is already on allowed than Halp is already enabled for your organization.

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