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Key terms

Request Queues / Channels: Channels or Teams where the Halp bot is present and end users can submit requests or tickets for a given triage team. All queues must have only one triage team associated with them.

Triage Teams / Channels: Channels or Teams where Agents can view and respond to all tickets in a queue in Slack or Microsoft Teams. This is a private Team/Channel that requires a Halp license, and is connected to a specific Request Channel.

Admin: This is the individual that installs the Halp application to your Slack/Teams workspace. You can upgrade an agent to an Admin and have multiple Admins.

Agents: Individuals responsible for responding to requests. Agents play work in the triage teams or channels.

Requesters or End Users: Individuals that have questions or issues that need to be addressed by Agents. They can submit requests via designated Request Channels, DMs, or emails.

Billing Admin: If you have a member of your team that needs access to Halp for billing purposes but won't be responding to any tickets, you can make them a billing admin without increasing your agent count. Billing admins only have access to the backend settings within the web client. Since they are not members of any queues, this means they will not be able to view any tickets or metrics.

Recipe: Powerful if/then statements that you can use to take over the world (and power your Halp ticketing system.)

Deflection Channel (Slack): A channel where tickets are automatically created when a requester posts to that channel. Often used in combination with our Answers feature to automatically provide answers back to the requester. This allows the requester to open and solve their own problems.

Halp Answers: A knowledge base of saved answers that can either be automatically or selectively customized and recommended to a requester to help them self-resolve a question.

Ticket Status: Helps you understand who has the next step on the ticket. Industry standard is Open=Help Desk is updating the ticket next. Pending=Waiting on the requester. On-Hold=Waiting on a third party or longer issue the help desk is checking on. Closed/Solved=Fin. Dunzo. Complete. With Halp, we do allow you to rename, create your own, and color code your own custom ticket statuses!

App Home (Slack only): Think of this as home base for both your requesters and agents. They will be able to search for old tickets they submitted or create new ones. A perfect spot for a requester to submit a private ticket as well.

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