Setting up the Confluence Integration

Answers is not currently available on our Microsoft Teams product.

  1. Click this link to visit our listing for the Atlassian Confluence App Marketplace

Halp Confluence
  1. Choose your Confluence instance you wish to connect

Confluence Instance
  1. Authorize your instance

subdomain selector
  1. In the Halp app go to Settings > Integrations. Click 'Add a new integration' button and dropdown to 'New Confluence Integration'

integration settings
  1. Enter your Atlassian subdomain you installed the Halp Confluence app on in step 2

  1. Authorize the app by accepting

  1. You'll now see the Confluence app connected on your Integrations tab

  1. In the Answers dashboard 'Sync from Confluence'

  1. Select the Confluence Spaces you wish to import articles from

  1. New articles have been added to your Answer dashboard

  1. We matched Confluence labels to keywords but recommend going in and doing a bit of QA on the imported answers to make sure the keywords are correct and the Answer text is what you want to present to the user


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