Update multiple tickets with Bulk Actions

Halp supports the ability to update many tickets at once using Bulk Actions. Currently we support:

  1. Changing the status of multiple tickets
  2. Moving multiple tickets to a queue
  3. Archiving multiple tickets

Simply select your tickets from your ticket list (you can also use the checkbox in the table header to select all tickets on the page):

And then select the action you would like to apply to those tickets (in this case, we're going to change all of the selected tickets to the "Closed" status).

Now it's time to sit back and relax while Halp updates all these tickets, including running any recipes that should be triggered by the change.

Note: Depending on your operation, this step can take a while! Make sure to keep your browser tab open while the updates are processed.

If there were any issues or errors encountered when applying the change (related to permissions for example), you'll be presented with a list of those errors at the final step.

You can hover over the error icon to get more details about what went wrong:

Note: In Slack, moving a ticket to another queue also involves moving all the messages to the corresponding triage channel, so this can take a few minutes, especially for large tickets! Also, be aware that moving a ticket to a queue you are not an agent of (to escalate the ticket for example) will result in you being unable to view that ticket anymore.

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