Offboarding from Halp

Updated by Claire Nobles

Starting June 4, 2024, you’ll need an active Jira Service Management Cloud subscription to access Halp’s features. To continue creating requests directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams, we recommend that you migrate to Jira Service Management Cloud.

About Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management includes advanced reporting, settings, automation, and more. Many Halp customers will see a bill decrease after migrating to Jira Service Management. Find out more about Jira Service Management:

Learn more about migrating to Jira Service Management.

What if I don’t want to use Jira Service Management?

If Jira Service Management isn’t a fit for your team, we’re sorry to see you go and are here to help you export your data, either for your records or to use in another tool.

In this guide, you can find instructions on how to:

You can export your ticket history, agent data, and Answers at any time before June 4, 2024. You may choose to import these files into a different service desk or simply save the data for your records.

Exports are a snapshot of a moment in time — this means that if you raise additional tickets, add more agents, or create more Answers after generating an export, you’ll need to repeat the process if you want to preserve the new data.

Once you’re satisfied with the data you’ve exported, you can cancel your subscription. To avoid unintended data loss, don’t cancel your subscription until you’ve downloaded all the data your team needs. Canceled accounts go offline when their subscriptions end, and we aren’t able to restore deleted data.

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