Halp User Permissions and Roles

Halp Roles:

Halp has three user roles: Admin, Agent, and End Users


The user who installs the app to Slack or Microsoft Teams is automatically designated as the first Halp Admin. They will have a Team Settings icon in the top right corner next to their Avatar in the Halp Web App, and have the ability to edit all Halp settings. Admins can turn any existing Agent into an additional Admin using the Agents tab on the Team Settings page. Admins can only view tickets of the triage channels they are members of.


Agents are any members of a Triage Channel. These users are eligible to be assigned to tickets. If your team has multiple Triage Channels setup, Agents are only able to view the tickets that live in channels they are invited to. Example: if a ticket lives in the #hr-issues channel in Slack, then members that are only in the #it-help channel would not be able to view those tickets in the Web App ticket list or in Halp's Slack agent ticket search.

End Users:

These are the employees of your company, or members of Shared Channels. These users can raise tickets in public channels where the bot is present, or in DMs with the Halp bot. They do not have access to the Halp Web App, and all interactions are contained within Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

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