End User - How to open a ticket from Slack

To make a ticket in Slack, you can use a simple Slack slash command. /halp, /helpdesk, and /support will all create a ticket. 

From anywhere in Slack, type one of these commands. Slack will help auto-complete the result for you. You can optionally type the description of your issue after the slash command. 

From there, if your team has enabled forms, it may launch a form that asks you a few more questions. 

Once you've filled out the form, you will get a message back from the Halp Bot (the bot may have a different name if your team has changed the name). It will show you your ticket number, the title of the ticket, and who it is assigned to:

At any time, you can change the fields you filled out in the form or close out the ticket. But for now, you can continue about your day. When the team responds to your ticket, you'll get a notification from the bot.

Click on the "open thread to reply" link and reply to the ticket if necessary. 

Once the problem has been resolved, either you or the agent can close out the ticket. Then, you'll see an option to rate your experience or reopen the ticket.

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