Halp Pricing & Billing FAQ

How much does Halp cost?

Please see our up to date Pricing Page, here https://halp.com/pricing.


What kind of pricing model does Halp use?

Halp charges per Agent or Admin who is in a Triage Channel.


What does Halp consider an Agent ?

An agent is any Slack User who is in a Slack Triage Channel. This is a user that can be assigned tickets, access the Halp web interface, add private notes to tickets, and a variety of other Agent actions.


What does Halp consider an Admin?

An admin is a user that not only has the ability to do everything an Agent can, but also can edit fields, forms, recipes, and other administrative settings.

For more info on Halp permissions, see this article


What does Halp consider “Triage Channel?”

A Triage Channel is any channel in Slack where tickets can be routed to for Agents to respond to them. For example, you might have a primary triage channel called #it-triage where all tickets go to by default and a #facilities-triage channel where facilities tickets get routed to. Both #it-triage and #facilities-triage are considered triage channels. There may be corresponding public channels for #it-help and #facilities-help; those are not considered triage channels.


Will I be billed for an Agent or Admin that is not in any Triage Channels?

No. This is useful for if you need the billing contact to be someone who is not an Agent or Admin. You can add them to a triage channel, make them an Admin, and then remove them from the triage channel.  


Will I be billed for regular End-Users that are requesting tickets?

No, you can have unlimited users requesting tickets and will not be billed for them. These users cannot be assigned tickets, cannot write private notes, and cannot access the Halp web interface.


Will I be billed for an Agents in Triage Channels even if they’ve never logged in to Halp?

Yes. As soon as a user is added to a triage channel, they can view all the tickets in that channel and have full Agent capabilities.


What happens when I remove an Agent from a triage channel?


When you remove an Agent from the triage channel using /kick in Slack, your account will be credited for the value of that Agent from now until your next billing cycle, and you will see that credit reflected on your next invoice


I accidentally made a channel a triage channel, what should I do?

First, you should unset that channel as a triage channel. If the channel was made a triage channel via Ticket Recipes, you should delete the Ticket Recipe.

If the channel was made a primary triage channel you can change it from the settings page, or by going to another channel, inviting the bot and then writing @halp triage. See more here.

If you were charged erroneously, contact us at support@halp.com.


Will I be charged more if one of my agents is in more than one triage channel?

No, an Agent or Admin can be in as many triage channels as they want and will only be charged as 1 paid user.

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