How Answers Keyword Suggestion Works

Updated 1 year ago by Tristan Rubadeau


When Halp Answers attempts to match an answer to a question it uses two keyword based strategies.

It will first search the text of the question to attempt to match ANY of the keywords in the Answer's ANY section.

Pro tip: use very specific words or phrases in this section for high quality answer suggestions. In the above example we use Stripe, but don't use fee or rate because those common words could lead to false positives.

We then search the text of the question and attempt to match ALL of these words or phrases.

Pro tip: use this strategy to help you exclude false positive suggestions. Someone who asks 'what is the credit card processing fee?' is looking for something different than 'what type of credit cards do we accept?'

If there are multiple matches we present the ALL suggestions first because they are often much more specific matches and lead to higher hit rates. We suggest grooming these keywords periodically to help provide the best results. If you are getting bad Answer suggestions we recommend taking a look at the keywords that are leading to the false positives and either excluding those or making them more specific phrases in the ALL section. The keywords and phrases are case insensitive.

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