Send Zendesk Tickets into Slack

If you need to send tickets that originate in Zendesk to Slack through Halp it is very simple to configure.  Let’s start by creating a Halp Ticket Recipe with the Trigger condition being “When a ticket is created in Zendesk” and pick the Recipe Action you wish to invoke. Example:

If you need to map any Zendesk Fields to Halp Custom Fields you can do this in the Halp. 

Last you will need to adjust the Zendesk Trigger to send tickets on Create and Update along with any additional conditional logic you want. Example:

If you only want a subset of Zendesk tickets to be sent to Halp then you will need to create a new Zendesk Trigger (don't remove or edit the original 'Sync Ticket with Halp' Trigger) with a limiting condition. Example if only want to send Priority: Urgent Tickets to Halp. Copy/Paste this JSON:  {"ticket":{"id": "{{}}","url": "{{ticket.url}}"}}

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