What's in a name? Naming conventions for Halp

People often ask us about best practices with channel naming conventions in Slack. Slack wrote a great blog post about naming channels to help users get more out of their workspace, but in this post we'll cover Halp's naming conventions. We have found that adding a prefix to your open reporter channels as well as your private triage channels can save a bunch of time. By clustering your channels alphabetically you save switching cost. If you want to go next level you could always Cmd-k search and never leave the keyboard.

Here are some screenshots of how we've set up our channels at Halp. We also pair these channels with Halp's Ticket Recipes to automatically route to these triage channels based on:

  • Where the issue originated 
  • A value of a custom field (for transferring between them)
  • 🔥 to send to #triage-urgent 

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