How the Title gets set on a Ticket

In Halp, we've had to rethink the idea of a "Title" for tickets. Unlike emails, conversational tickets don't necessarily always have a subject line. However, it is still valuable to have a ticket title so that Agents can have a way to reference that ticket and understand what it is about that is separate from the content of the ticket messages.

Tickets in Halp can be created in a variety of ways. Depending on how the ticket is created, the title gets set in a different way. This guide will help you understand how ticket titles get set so you can set up Halp in a way that works best for your team!

Ticket is created with no Form from a Slack message via the Emoji or Slack Action 

  • The ticket title will be set based on the message that was turned into a ticket.
  • The title will be truncated to the first 150 characters if the message is longer than that

Ticket is created with a Form

  • The title will be set based on the field with the name "Title" on the form. This can be any field type, and can be given a different descriptive Label for end users if you want. The name is not case sensitive.
  • If the Form does not have a field called "Title" then the Title will be set as the Name of the Form. 


  1. First, we create our field. We've given it the label "How can we help" and made it a long text field to make it easy for users to fill out.

Then, we add that field to our form

Here's how that form looks in Slack

And you can see here that the Title gets set on the ticket in Slack.

  1. This time, we will make a form for employee onboarding that doesn't have a Title field. 

You can see that this time, the Title is set to be the name of the form.

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