Using the Halp Tab in Microsoft Teams

Halp Tab in Microsoft Teams

The Halp Tab in MS Teams is a way to better visualize and access your current tickets in Halp, right inside of Microsoft Teams. What you can see in the tab will depend on your role & permissions within your organization's Halp account.

To view the Halp Tab, simply click on the Halp app in your left-most nav bar.

Unable to see the Halp tab? Scroll to the bottom of this article for some Troubleshooting tips!

For Agents and Administrators

If you are an Agent or Administrator in Halp, when viewing the tab you will be able to see the first 100 tickets for any of the queues you are a member of.

Ticket Details View

You can click on any row to open a sidebar that reveals full ticket details and quick actions.

In the sidebar, the data you'll be able to see includes:

  • Ticket number / ID
  • Title / Summary
  • Assignee & Requester
  • Creation timestamp
  • Current Status
  • Queue
  • Form fields (fields from the user submitted form)
  • Queue fields (additional fields available on this queue)
  • Global Fields (additional fields available to all queues)

You can also take some quick actions.

  • Jump to conversation: Click the Ticket ID to deep link over to the ticket's adaptive card within your Triage channel. From there, you can reply, add notes, assign, and close out the ticket.
  • Open in web: Click on "pop out" icon to open the ticket in Halp's web app

Filtering & Sorting

Click on the Filter button in the top right to reveal the Filters Sidebar. From here, you can filter based on:

  • Queue(s)
  • Status(es)
  • Assignee(s)

You can select multiple values for each field. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Apply to update you ticket list view based on the filters you've select. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Reset to remove all filters and return to your default Ticket List view.

You can also sort the list of tickets in either ascending or descending direction by the date they were created. To change this sort direction, click the Created At column on the far right.

If you wish to see all of your tickets from within the Halp Web GUI, simply click the View all tickets button in the top right of the Tab.

If you are an Administrator only, you will see another link to open the Halp settings page, where you can configure queues, recipes, forms and more. Simply click on the link in the top right of the Tab to open the Halp settings page.

For End Users

If you are an end user in Halp (meaning you are neither an Admin nor Agent), you will instead see a simple guide on how to create a ticket. This guide includes a video walkthrough of the ticket creation process in Microsoft Teams, as well as a link for more help.


If you're not seeing the Halp app in the left side bar

Only your "pinned" apps will automatically appear in the left side bar. If you're not seeing the Halp app there, try clicking on the three dots at the bottom of the list. That will open a window where you can search for Halp.

Once you've found the Halp app, you can click on it to open it. However, as soon as you leave the app, it will disappear from your left nav bar again. For easier access, we recommend "pinning" the Halp app. To do this,

  1. Once you've opened the Halp app, right click on the Halp app icon in the left nav bar
  2. Select Pin to keep the Halp app one-click away at all times. (Note: You can right click to unpin it later)

If you've opened the Halp app, but aren't not seeing the Tab

Once you've selected the Halp app, to see the Tab, select the Halp tab in the top nav bar.

If you do not see the above tab present (and are only seeing the Chat and About tabs), it likely means you have an outdated version of Halp installed.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Apps in the bottom left to open the App Source store
  2. Search for Halp, and select it
  3. In the app description, check to make sure it shows version 2.2.2 or higher.
    1. If it does not, contact support
    2. If it does, install the Halp personal app by clicking on the blue drop down arrow, then selecting Add for me

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