Agent Answers Suggestions

Updated 3 months ago by Paulene Nguyen

Agents in Halp have the ability to create, view, and send saved answers to a ticket in just a couple easy steps:

  1. Create Answers. The first step is to create answers for your agents to choose from. This can be done in two spots: directly within Slack, or in the Halp web interface.
    If you/your agent wrote a great answer to a common question in Slack, just add the 📖 : book : emoji to the answer and it will be saved for future use! You’ll have the option to finish the answer by adding a title, designated keywords to trigger that suggestion, and further tweaks to the answer text. The answer will also be saved in the queue that it was created in.
    To create an answer in the Halp web UI, click on the book icon on the left hand toolbar. From there you can access your answers library, create new answers, or update existing ones. When you add an answer, you’ll be updating and creating the same information that would have been asked in Slack.
  2. Choose Answers. When a ticket comes into a queue, you’ll notice the “Choose Answer” button in Slack. When clicked on you’ll be presented with options of Answers that could be a match to the ticket that came in. If you have a large library of answers, you can use the search bar to find the answer you are looking for. You can use the “View” button to get a preview of what would be sent, make and customizations for that specific reply, then send to your ticket requester!

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