Create tickets with an emoji in a private channel

Updated 5 months ago by Fletcher Richman

Private channels in Slack have a unique set of permissions in Halp. As a security measure, Halp does not have access to the private message history permission in Slack. As a result, this is how creating a ticket from a message in a private channel with an emoji works:

  • You must Invite the Halp bot into the private channel you want to create tickets from.
  • Halp will not have access to any messages from before you invited the Halp bot to that channel. Only the messages after the bot has been invited can be marked with the emoji to create a ticket.
    • If you would like to create a ticket from a message posted before you invited the Halp bot, use the Halp Slack Action on that message.
  • After the bot has been invited, you can use the emoji or the pin and emoji creation workflow to create tickets on any messages that are less than 7 days old.

Trying to create tickets from Direct Messages in Slack? Check out this article: Creating Tickets from Slack Direct Messages

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