Manage tickets across multiple Slack workspaces with Halp

Halp supports multi-workspace functionality on our Enterprise price plan.

Below are the steps to get up & running w/ multi-workspace Halp:

  1. Install Halp in the ‘parent’ Slack workspace. This is the place where you will ‘triage’ tickets from your multiple ‘children’ workspaces.
  2. Install Halp in the ‘children’ Slack workspaces
  3. Notify the team at with the names of the workspaces you’d like connected and we will activate the cross-workspace functionality for your account. In the future we plan to have a way to self serve adding workspaces, but for now we're happy to manually add them on your behalf.
  4. Once we’ve activated this feature for your account, you’ll see ‘Enterprise Mode’ added on the top left corner of your Halp subdomain and on your settings page there will be a ‘Workspaces’ section where you can view connected Slack workspaces.
  5. Now that you’ve connected your workspaces, you can start building cross-workspace recipes to send the ticket to a specific channel in one of your connected workspaces, automate a message to the ticket across workspaces, etc. 
  6. You'll continue to adjust all Halp settings from your 'parent' Slack workspace.

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