How to Change Zendesk Status Mapping From Closed to Solved

How to Change Status Mapping from Halp to Zendesk

Do you want to change the status mapping so when you close a ticket with Halp it maps to 'Solved' in Zendesk instead of 'Closed'? Follow these steps:


*Note* You must have admin permissions to do this

  1. In your web UI, go to Settings > Custom Statuses
  2. Find the status named 'Closed' and click Edit
  3. Change the name to 'Solved'
  4. Click Save
  5. Refresh your page
  6. Any ticket closed in Halp will now be marked as Solved in Zendesk

Already have a 'Solved' status but it isn't mapping correctly?

If you already have a status in your Custom Statuses list that is named 'Solved', but tickets closed in Halp are still mapping to 'Closed' in Zendesk, it may be that the wrong status was changed. Our default 'Closed' status has different permissions than new custom statuses, so you will need to rename the existing 'Closed' rather than adding a new status. To rectify this, rename the 'Solved' status you have to something like 'Solved_old' (note: deactivating the status alone will not work). Then, rename the existing 'Closed' status following the steps above.


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