What is a Queue and how to configure it for your team

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What is a Queue?

Queues are a fundamental building block of Halp.

Each team using Halp should set up their own Queue. A queue is mapped to a Triage Channel in Slack or Microsoft Teams, which is a private channel with all the members of that team (aka Agents).

Queues have their own forms, fields, routing recipes, and request channels associated with them. They also have settings and configuration options that are specific to that queue.

Once you've configured the request channels for your Queue and created fields and forms, all tickets created using a request channel and/or a form will be routed to the appropriate Queue. This also means they will show up in the triage channel associated to the Queue for the team to manage and collaborate.

You can have a Queue for your IT, HR, Legal, Facilities, and any other teams in your org!

How to Configure Your Queue

Ticket Interactions

Private Replies

The Private Replies is a way for teams that handle sensitive data to configure their queue.

When a ticket is created in a channel on a queue with Private Replies turned on, all communication between the requester and the agent is private and will not be posted to a public channel. The requester will be able to keep track of their ticket in their DM with the Halp bot. Learn more about this configuration here!

Post tickets created via the slash command to channel

The Post tickets created via the slash command to channel setting determines the behavior of the Slack slash command (/halp). With the setting turned on, any ticket created with /halp in a channel related to that queue will be created in that channel. With the setting turned off, any ticket created with /halp will be posted to the requester’s DM with the Halp bot.

Note that is functionality and Private Requester thread replies cannot be turned on at the same time.

Auto Answers

If you enable Auto Answers, Halp will attempt to answer a question before creating a ticket. Read more about Auto Answers here!

Hide Queue during Ticket creation

Users can create tickets in places that are not tied to a specific queue. This mostly happens when a user creates a ticket using App home and can also happen when using /halp or a Slack shortcut. When this happens, Halp will suggest a list of all queues for the ticket to be created in. Hide Queue during Ticket creation prevents this queue from appearing in the suggestions.. Learn more about Queue visibility here!

Form Configurations

Require Forms

The Require Forms setting determines whether or not a form is required when creating tickets. Typically slack emojis and message actions will create a ticket instantly, but with this setting enabled users will be required to fill out a form with the information your agents need to create a ticket.

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