Integrating Halp with any Help Desk System via Email

Updated 5 months ago by Fletcher Richman

This currently only works with the Slack product. We are working to bring the email follower functionality to the MS Teams product as well.

Halp can be easily integrated with any ITSM or Help Desk platform that accepts incoming email requests. This is accomplished via a recipe in Halp and using the built-in email functionality available in most help desk platforms.

What you'll need: The inbound email address of the help desk platform you are integrating with.

To get started, head over to your Recipes page in Halp. Create a new recipe that adds a follower to tickets when they are created. In the follower option, you'll include the email address for inbound ticket creation in the 3rd party help desk platform.

That's it! Every ticket created in Halp will now automatically have an email follower, resulting in an email being sent on ticket creation as well as for all comments on the ticket.

So when a ticket is created, Halp will send an email to the 3rd party help desk system, resulting in a ticket being created in that system as well. Then, when a comment is added from the 3rd party system, it will send an email on that same thread, resulting in a comment being created in Halp, and visa-versa.

As a result, you get all the great functionality of Halp and tickets/comments are synced with your help desk of choice! This can work for Freshdesk, ConnectWise, Sysaid, Avanti, and many more! If you're looking to integrate with Jira or Zendesk, we have out of the box and robust integrations with both systems. See: How to connect Jira to Halp and How to connect Zendesk to Halp.

You can also customize this recipe to fit your organization. You might only want tickets from a certain channel to send an email, or maybe you only want emails to send when a ticket is closed. All of this is possible thanks to the flexibility of Halp Recipes!

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