Multi-step Halp/Zendesk Recipe

If you have a need for multi-step triggers that starts in Halp, updates a Zendesk Ticket which fires a Trigger, and want a Webhook to update something in Halp then this article is for you.

Example Multi-step Halp/Zendesk Recipe:

  1. Create Trigger in Zendesk with Conditions:
  2. Set the Trigger Actions. Copy/Paste this JSON:
    {"ticket":{"id": "{{}}","url": "{{ticket.url}}"}, "zendeskTriggerOverride": true}
  3. Set up a new Recipe in Halp that moves the ticket to an urgent channel.

🎉 Now when a user comments 'Urgent Priority' in a Halp Ticket's thread, the Priority will be updated in Zendesk and the Halp ticket will be escalated to the #urgent-triage channel in Slack.

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