Administrative Settings

Administrative Settings - A Deep Dive

Triage Channel

You can define your default triage channel by selecting your desired channel from the dropdown. If you aren't seeing the channel you want, first make sure that the Halp Slack Bot has been invited to that channel. If it's not showing and you've confirmed the bot is in the channel, trying removing it and re-inviting it.

Sandbox Mode

Just installed Halp, are still in the testing phase, and don't want your end-user to accidentally create a ticket? You can enable Sandbox Mode to prevent users aside from yourself from creating a ticket. When you're ready to have your team start creating tickets, you can just set "Sandbox Mode" to "Disabled."

Users Can Create Tickets From Reactions

Do you want to review messages before a ticket is created? Maybe Jen in Marketing is a huge fan of using that emoji and you'd rather not get tickets about her weekend plans to see the local sports team? You can prevent end-users from creating tickets using emoji reactions, while still allowing your agents to make them. 

Require Form Data on Reaction Tickets

If you have a form with required fields either for data collection or to sync with an integration, you can still use the emoji to create tickets without losing that data. When this setting is set to Enabled, you can mark a message with your emoji, and it will prompt you to select a form and fill out the required fields before a ticket is created.

Subscriber Notifications

To turn off DM notifications from the Halp Slack Bot when a ticket is updated, set this to "Only When Not A Thread Participant." This will prevent double notifications in slack from the Halp Slack Bot and the thread notification.

/halp Ticket Creation

In a public support channel, you may want to encourage folks to use the slash command and fill out a required form, and also want to post that ticket publicly to the channel. If you turn this option on, tickets created with the slash command in a channel with the bot will post in that channel. If this is set to "Post in Direct Message" the ticket will not be posted in the channel it was created in and will instead send the end-user a DM from the Halp Slack Bot. The message will still be posted to your triage channel as normal.

Allow Fields of Tickets Posted to Channels to be Edited by End-Users

Forms and field can be a powerful way to collect information in your tickets from your users. However, if you don't want your users editing the fields after they submit the ticket, set this to 'Disabled'. If you want users to fill out more information after they make the ticket you can change this to 'Enabled'.

Prevent End Users from Closing Tickets

If you want to limit who can close tickets to agents and admins, set this to 'Enabled'.

Default Agent Replies to Private

If your team works in a way that the majority of conversation on a ticket is internal, you can set it so agent replies are automatically private. When this is enabled all messages will default to private. You can post a public message to the end user by starting it with megaphone emoji :mega:

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