Moving a Jira project to a Queue (Legacy Functionality)

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Legacy Customers first need to contact Halp Support to opt into the new functionality.

Submit a ticket* with Halp Support to Opt in

*Please make sure to review the FAQ prior to submitting a ticket to opt in.

Migrating a Jira project to a queue

Halp has completely reworked the way you set up and interact with Jira. We know that setting up Jira with Halp can be very time consuming, and so we’ve made some changes that should simplify the experience. To set-up the new Jira Integration, you will need to manually connect each Jira Project to Halp Queue.

A good way to think about a Jira ↔︎ Halp integration is as follows:

Halp Site = Jira Site

Halp Queue = Jira Project

Halp Form = Jira Request/Issue Type

Connecting a Jira project to a legacy queue

To connect a Jira Project to a Halp Queue, you need to be a Halp Global Admin or Halp Queue Admin and a Jira Project Admin.
Once you connect a Queue to to a Jira Project, you will no longer be able to edit Halp Fields, Forms, or Statuses on that Queue. This is all managed in your Jira Project’s settings and synced back to Halp.
  1. Navigate to the Queue you would like to connect to a Jira Project: [subdomain][queue#]
  1. Click Connect to Jira and select the Jira Site and Jira Project you would like to connect to this Queue.
  1. If you select an existing Queue, we will provide a warning telling you we are archiving all your statuses, fields, and forms.
  2. Select the Request or Issue types you want to connect to the Halp Queue and select the ticket creation behavior (sync recipes are no longer needed!).

What is ticket creation behavior?

One-way to Jira = Tickets created in Slack/Teams/Halp will be created in Jira

One-way to Slack = Tickets created in Jira will also be created in Slack/Teams/Halp

Two-way = Tickets will be created in both directions.

A Halp form (and associated fields) will be created for each Request or Issue type.
  1. If any of the Request or Issue types fail to sync or sync with a warning, we will outline those errors (as detailed below)

When we sync a Request or Issue type, we recreate the intake form in Halp. If that form has a field that is not supported in Halp, we will omit it from the form. If that field is required on creation, we will not sync that Request Type.

Unsupported fields include: Organizations, Epic Links, Insight Fields, and Attachments.

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