Integrating Ticketing Systems into Microsoft Teams

Updated 5 months ago by Brian Feldman

If you're new to ticketing, or looking for a lightweight ticketing system to use on it's own, Halp can do just that. We refer to this as Halp Standalone, where Halp is the primary and only record of tickets for your team.

However, in many cases teams already have some processes and tools in place for managing tickets or support requests. For example, you might:

  • Receive support requests via email
  • Manage tickets in another tool like Jira or Zendesk

In either of the above cases, you can use Halp to feed all of your ticketing and support requests into Microsoft Teams. Whenever a request comes in via email, Jira, or Zendesk, Halp will push a record of the ticket into your Team's Triage Channel. From there, you can triage and work the ticket in a more conversational manner, replying and commenting within Teams. Halp manages the bi-directional sync, so that any comments or status updates are reflected across email, Jira, or Zendesk in real-time.

In this manner, you can think of Halp as a real-time, conversational layer being added onto your existed ticketing systems and processes. This offers a few significant benefits:

  1. No more phone tag or waiting for slow email responses. Agents can jump in right away and gather the details they need from the requester in a real-time chat medium. And it's all captured automatically within the ticket, so agents don't have to spend cycles copying & pasting their notes into the ticket after the fact to provide an audit trail.
  2. Agents and requesters don't have to log into multiple 3rd party tools or continuously check them throughout the day. All inbound requests will be forwarded into your Team's Triage Channel. No more time wasted having to VPN or auth into multiple tools each morning, or constantly keeping an eye on your email inbox.
  3. No more "shoulder-tapping" or side work that goes undocumented. Agents are helpful in nature, and they often spend a lot of time helping teammates that ping them on the side - all of it going untracked. This makes it hard to get a true sense of workload and bandwidth, which in turn makes it harder to justify headcount, budgets, and performance. Halp makes it easy and automatic to track it all, no matter where support requests are coming in from - whether it be a direct message, an email, or a ticket submitted via your service desk.

Getting started with integrations

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