How the Halp-Zendesk Integration Works

Two-way Slack integration for Zendesk

The Zendesk integration for Halp syncs tickets created in Slack with your Zendesk instance. Comments, fields and other properties are synced in real-time from both directions, so tickets can be acted on from within Slack or Zendesk.

What to Expect

When Halp is connected to Zendesk every ticket created in Slack will create a ticket in Zendesk. The tickets in Slack will link directly to the ticket in Zendesk.

To create a Zendesk Ticket from Slack use /support or /halp, or react to an existing message in Slack with the 🎫 :ticket: emoji. Learn more about creating tickets from Slack here: How to Make Tickets in Slack.

To comment on a Zendesk Ticket, comment on the thread in Slack or comment from the Zendesk UI. Halp will keep both directions in sync, you can comment from either place.

Mapping custom fields

Halp can be customized with forms and fields to collect information when users open tickets in Slack. These fields can be mapped to fields in Zendesk as well. Go to your integration settings from the Halp web interface ( to configure your installation.

Mapping Custom Forms

You can also auto generate a Halp Form and Halp Fields from Zendesk. Just select an end user editable form and voila, the form will be available in Halp!

Syncing Assignee and Requester

When you change an assignee from Halp, we will attempt to find a Zendesk admin or agent with the same email address. If we cannot find that agent, then we will not change the assignee on Zendesk. Likewise, when you change the assignee from Zendesk we will attempt to map it to the Halp user by email. If the user does not exist, the halp ticket becomes Unassigned. 

For requesters, if we cannot find a matching end user, we will create a new one. As of this writing, changing the requester is not synced. This feature is coming soon. 

Syncing Statuses

If you want to sync statuses, make sure your Halp statuses match to the ones in Zendesk. Halp statuses that are equal to any of the following (case insensitive) will successfully sync to Zendesk:

  • "open" (Default)
  • "pending"
  • "hold"
  • "solved" (Default)
  • "closed"

Creating Halp tickets for Tickets created in Zendesk

Halp now supports syncing tickets created in Zendesk to Halp. You can find more information on setting that up here: Send Zendesk Tickets into Slack.


Ready to install? Follow the installation instructions to get started!

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