How to "Inbox Zero" your Halp Triage Channel

Halp Triage channels are a powerful way for you and your team to collaborate on tickets. Sometimes, triage channels can get a little messy. This article will show you how to delete tickets from your triage channel when you're done with them to keep your triage channel in an "inbox-zero" state.

First, invite the Halp bot to a channel that is your archive channel. This is where tickets will transfer to once they are deleted from your primary triage channel. We recommend a private channel with just one person in it. We also recommend muting this channel so that you don't get notified when tickets are archived. 

Next, create a rule that sends your ticket to your archive channel. Go to "Settings" > "Ticket Recipes" and click "Add New Recipe"

In this example, whenever a ticket is closed, it will be deleted from the original channel and sent over to archived-tickets.

This will keep your triage channel nice and clean.

NOTE: This setup will require two triage channels, requires a pro Halp subscription. If you're on the self-serve tier for Halp, you'll get a prompt to upgrade to the pro plan when you implement this setup.

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