Ticket Deflection - Auto Create Tickets in Any Channel

Ticket deflection is here! You can now set up any channel in Slack for deflection. Whenever someone posts into that channel a ticket will automatically created in the thread of the original message and auto suggest answers.

How to set up:
  1. In the Settings page called 'Ticket Deflection'.

  1. Select which channel or channels you would like to enable automatic ticket creation in.
  1. Go post a message into that channel and confirm that it created a ticket automatically. Halp will open a thread, add the ticket message, and also react to the original message with a ⚡

  1. If the question matches an answer the requester will be prompted with a carousel of matches. The user can cycle through the suggested answers and choose the correct answer.
  1. After the requester chooses their answer they can resolve the ticket or request more help.
  1. On the agent ticket, the halp bot will log the customer events for a record on the ticket.
Only Deflect During Non-Working Hours

If you only want tickets to be deflected during Non-Working hours. Enable the toggle. Make sure that you have working hours enabled by going to General > Working Hours. If this setting is on, deflection channels will behave just like all other channels in Halp. If you would want to make a ticket out of a message you will have to add the 🎫 (or your configured emoji).

Sending a Message in a Deflection Channel Without Making a Ticket

Sometimes it's nice to be able to send a message in a deflection channel without making a ticket. For example, if you want to make an announcement to the channel. To do so, prepend your message with the 📣(:mega:) emoji.

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