Export your Answers (Slack only)

Updated by Claire Nobles

Starting June 4, 2024, you’ll need an active Jira Service Management Cloud subscription to access Halp’s features. To continue creating requests directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams, we recommend that you migrate to Jira Service Management Cloud.

Follow the below steps to export any saved Answers. If you don’t use Answers, you can skip this process.

Generate global export

You can export all of your Answers at one time. From Halp web:

  1. Select Answers on the left sidebar — look for the book icon. You can also go to the URL directly (yourdomain.halp.com/answers).
  2. Select Export to CSV.
  3. From the modal, you can select the queue(s) you’d like to export Answers for individually, or select all queues using the checkbox at the top.
  4. Select Export. The overall export process takes about 10-15 seconds.
  5. Once your export is ready, check Slack for a direct message from Assist with the download link. This link remains active for 7 days.

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