How to connect the Zapier integration

You can integrate Halp with Zapier to trigger actions in thousands of different apps!

Add the Zapier integration in Halp 

Go to and select Zapier integration. Click "View API Key" and copy the API key.


Create a Zap with Halp as the trigger and connect to Halp

Next, create a new Zap where Halp is the trigger.

Choose "Sign in to Halp" and enter your Halp subdomain (only your subdomain, not your whole Halp URL) and API Key. Viola! You have now connected Zapier to Halp, and can pull in a few test tickets.

For now, you can only create a Zap for all tickets created. You can use the Zapier Filter step to select a subset of tickets to push to another service such as OpsGenie, Trello, or PagerDuty.

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