Recipe Basics

In Halp, “recipe” is essentially a simpler way of saying “super powerful, organization-changing, time-saving, workflow builder that will rock your world.” 😄

The recipe builder in Halp allows you to trigger specific actions in Slack or Microsoft Teams to move work forward. Configure “if this, then that” workflows based on common conditions, including:

  • When a ticket is created or updated
  • When a custom field is used
  • When a ticket is assigned
  • When an emoji is used
  • When an email is received
  • And more

You can then set up Halp to take some of the following actions:

  • Add a follower
  • Assign a ticket
  • Sync the ticket with an integration
  • Send the ticket to a new queue/team
  • And more

This is the powerhouse of Halp, allowing you to automate more work and improve team productivity. Feel free to contact our support or advocate team to learn more about how you can use the Halp recipe builder!

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