Reasons why Jira assignee or requester sync might be broken

Updated by Fletcher Richman

Is assignee or requester syncing between Halp and Jira broken for you? Here are a few common reasons why that can happen to help you troubleshoot

  1. Email address in Slack or MS Teams doesn't match the email address in Jira
    We do our matching based on email address. So if the user has a different email address, then assignee syncing won't work. If you are using Microsoft Teams with Halp, make sure you have set the correct email within your Microsoft profile, so that your Microsoft UPN is not being used instead, unless that is the same email used with Jira. Read more about UPN and Halp
  2. We don't have permission to get the email address from Jira and/or Slack / MS Teams
    Similar to issue number 1, sometimes we won't be able to get an email address at all due to your permissions in Jira. Make sure the person who connects Jira integration is an admin, is in the correct groups, and has permissions to view emails. Similarly, the Slack or MS Teams integration needs to be installed by an admin.
    1. If you are on Jira Server / Data Center, make sure that the Halp bot user is in all groups and the email visibility setting is not set to hidden or masked.
    2. If you are using Halp with Shared Channels, email addresses are not accessible for requesters in Slack Shared Channels. Those users have to complete a special Halp authorization flow for us to receive their email.
  3. Conflicting Jira Automations or Halp Recipes
    If there are conflicting automations or recipes that change a ticket status or field to two different things, the Jira issue can get stuck into a loop that causes the Halp sync to break.

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