How to connect Jira to Halp

How to setup the Jira integration

Curious how the integration works? Check out our introduction here.


To configure the two-way sync you'll need to be a Jira administrator and a Slack administrator.


  1. Add Halp to your Slack workspace. Go to and click "Add to Slack". Feel free to follow the onboarding prompts inside your Slack workspace to get a feel for how Halp works before you connect it to Jira.
  2. From within the Halp web app ( go to Settings > Integrations. From there, choose the option to Add a new Jira integration. Follow the instructions to OAuth with Jira. This enables us to verify your identity to tie the Atlassian app to your Halp account.
  3. Click "Configure" to setup the integration for your Jira project.
  4. Select a Jira project and the default type of issue or request for Halp to sync with. Currently Halp will only create one type of issue. Also, be sure to map any required fields to an appropriate field in Halp.

That's it! Try creating a ticket in Slack by reacting to a message with the 🎫:ticket: emoji. You'll see the message turned into a Jira issue. Comment on the issue from inside Slack or from Jira, and see it appear in the other. If you have any questions, we're here to Halp!

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