How to create a ticket with an Emoji Reaction in Slack

One of the most powerful features of Halp is to convert any existing Slack message into a ticket by reacting to it with an emoji. 

Here's how: Simply react to any message in a public channel with a :ticket: emoji. If you don't know how to use Slack reactions, check out this article:

How to make tickets live in the channel:

By default, tickets that are made with emojis and slash commands will go to a Direct Message between the requester and the Halp bot. Sometimes, it's useful to have ticket threads live in a public channel. If you invite the Halp bot into a channel, tickets will live as a thread reply to the original message as seen in the gif below.

We've made a conscious decision to minimize our permissions. As a result, you can't use the Emoji Reactions to create tickets in private channels prior to the bot being invited. Instead you have to use the Slack Action as seen in the picture below.

Great, now you're ready to create tickets in the easiest way possible. Happy Halping!

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