How to create a form to categorize Slack requests

A form is a great way to efficiently gather the information you need from your end-user. With Halp, you can also use forms to easily categorize requests so they can be tracked and routed to the appropriate person.

The first step is to create the fields that you'd like to exist in the form. To do this, go to, then Settings > Custom Fields. On this page you can create and edit your desired custom fields.

Next, go to the custom forms section and create a new form. Add the fields you'd like to show up on the form. You can set whether the fields should be required or optional, or whether the form should only be available in select channels (Note: you must have at least one form that is available in all channels).

Once you've saved the form, using the slash command /halp, /helpdesk, or /support in slack will now launch the form in Slack:

If you want the form information to be pulled in for tickets created with the emoji, on the Settings > General page set "Require Form Data on Reaction Tickets" to "Enabled". This will prompt the user who marks the message with the emoji to fill out the form.

If after creating a form you've noticed that all of your tickets have the title set to the name of the form, please see this article on How the Title gets set on a Ticket.

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