How to add and remove followers from a ticket

This feature is currently only available on the Slack product. We are working to add this functionality to the MS Teams product.

Tickets often need multiple people involved to be resolved. Halp makes it easy to add another follower to a ticket directly in Slack.

From one of the agent triage channels, click "Edit Ticket" on the ticket.

Then, in the pop up, find the "Followers" field and select the Slack user you would like to add to the ticket.

That new follower will receive a direct message in Slack with the ticket and any messages on the thread of the ticket. They can then reply to the ticket, and their message will sync with the thread in the triage channel and the direct messages of any other followers. 

Once you've added a follower, you can easily remove them from the triage channel in the expanded ticket view. Once a follower is removed they will no longer receive updates to that ticket. 


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