Answers Reporting πŸ“ˆ

Updated 3 months ago by Tristan Rubadeau

Value Reporting

What value is Halp Answers providing your business?

You can get an overview of your Answers metrics across all your queues or an individual queue. Get visibility into what questions are being resolved, ticketed, or no action. We define a no action as a suggested answer that the requested did not explicitly resolve or ticket. We've seen different teams classify this scenario differently.

Get outcome metrics on matched keywords and your top performing Answers. This is the type of reporting we would expect to report out to internal stakeholders.

Performance Reporting

By going to an individual Answer you can unlock insights on how that answer is performing and see the actual requests that match its keywords. Is this answer getting matched to lots of questions that are later being ticketed? Can you spot a trend that may be better suited by a new answer with a tighter constraint with ANY/ALL keywords?

This is the type of reporting we see agents improve their existing answers and spot areas for new answers that are commonly asked questions.

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