Zendesk Tickets Unable to Solve/Close?

Are you getting an "Unable to set status to closed" error when closing a ticket in Halp that is synced with Zendesk, it is likely not mapped in Halp. Please create a status with the name "closed" (Case doesn't matter).

If you're still getting this message from Halp after you've mapped your statuses then you may have a condition set up in your Zendesk configuration that is preventing this ticket from being closed. We typically see this when Zendesk Ticket Fields are set to required and they do not have a value. The simplest way to solve this issue is to remove the required condition, but those fields were probably there for a reason. We offer a way to add Zendesk tags on ticket creation and we've seen several teams solve this problem by creating Zendesk Triggers to fill those required fields if the presence of that tag exists. Contact support@halp.com if you'd like to add a creation tag to your integration settings. 

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