How to set or update your triage channel in Slack

Once you've authorized the Slack App, the first step is to set your queue. This is the default channel where tickets will appear for your team to assign, edit, and answer. 

In Slack, use /invite to add the Halp bot into the channel where the team will triage tickets. This may be an existing channel that has your team in it, or it may be a new channel you create. We recommend making it a private Slack channel and inviting only the team members who will be answering tickets as membership in this channel is what we base seats on. 

The first Queue channel the bot is invited to will automatically become your default queue, where all tickets created will be sent. You can also configure your default Queue from the Halp settings. In the web, go to Settings > Queues, and from there you can select your triage channel for an existing Queue.

Every channel the bot is added to after making your first triage channel, you'll be prompted to select the channel to be either a Queue or Request channel. Check out these articles to learn more about making multiple Queues and Request channels.

Please make sure the bot is in the channel. If you don't see the channel on that page, try refreshing. If you've refreshed the page, and the bot is still not in the dropdown, remove the bot and invite them to the channel again. 

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