Creating Request Teams

Request Teams are where requesters can go to make a ticket for a specific team of agents. Any tickets created from a Request Team can be directed to a preferred queue by default. We recommend these teams be a public, where anyone can join and make a ticket.

In this scenario, you can add Halp to a public Team. Instead of configuring this Team as a Triage Team, you will configure it as a Request Team. Anyone who enters this channel will have access to the Halp message icon and message action while in this Team's channels. When you add Halp to the team, you also select which queue you want it mapped to. Any time a user creates a ticket from within this Team, it will automatically be sent to that queue.

Tips for success
Request Teams work best for orgs that already utilized cross-functional, public Team channels where anyone can ask certain teams for help. In these cases, it's already a norm for people go to specific channels seeking help. For example, you might have an IT Support team where everyone goes to get IT Support. This would be a perfect place to add Halp and setup a Request Channel.

If you don't already have this type of usage in Microsoft Teams, this might create more confusion in the early days. If your team currently only receives requests for help through email, direct messages, and/or ticket portals, Option 1 on this doc might be better suited to your companies work style.

Create a new Request Team

  1. Select (or create) a public team where you would like requesters to go when seeking help. Install Halp to this Team.
  2. You'll receive a direct message from Halp bot, as seen below, to configure this Team. Select "2. Request Channel", then click "Save".
    Note: If you do not receive this direct message, it likely means you do not have Admin permissions in Halp to create new Teams. You'll need to contact a Halp Admin on your team for assistance.
  3. Select the queue this Request Team should be mapped to, then click "Save". In other words, when users come to this channel looking for help, and a ticket is created, which queue should that ticket land in?
  4. A confirmation message will appear, letting you know your new Request Team is ready, along with the name of the queue it has been mapped to.
    1. Now - while in any public channel under this Team - any user will be able to create a ticket via a Message Action, or by using Halp's "life preserver" icon at the bottom of the message composer box.

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