Getting Started with Halp Answers

Knowledge bases are cool and everything, but at Halp we know that what really matters are answers.... Halp Answers that is!

Marking Messages as an Answer:

Any message on a ticket thread in Slack can simply be marked with an emoji and saved as knowledge. We typically see users marking messages they flag as relevant or messages that led to ticket resolutions. 

The Agent Experience:

When a new ticket lands in the Triage Channel we use NLP and Machine Learning to match the ticket's question to your saved answer. We realize this isn't a perfect science and instead of auto answering, which often leads to a bad experience for the requester, we present many suggested answers to the Agent. This empowers the human answering the ticket to judge if the answer needs to be edited or customized before sending. 

You can go to the Halp web app to view and manage your answers.

The Requester Experience: 

The requester ticket is then updated with the personalized and correct answer to their question.

This did a few things:

  • Reduced the Agent's time to first response.
  • Reduced the Agent's context switching to go find the answer in an external KB or Wiki
  • Reduced the Requester's time of issue resolution
  • Increased the personalization and did not feel like a bot auto responding
  • Reduced risk of auto responding with a terrible answer (how many times has a bot given you the wrong answer?)


We've very excited about this new product and if you would like to be part of the beta please let us know at 


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